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... pre 1903
Mankind has the dream of flight with many chasing this dream in hope of true freedom that can only be found in the skies
The wright Brothers finally get the job done. 
True homebuilders and pioneers, these guys changed the world forever.
Curtis H. Pitts was born not knowing how he would affect the lives of millions of people around the world. 
In 1938, a 16 year old Curtis Pitts stands proud of his machine.
The end of the second World War. 
Aviation had made huge advances during the war years. 
Now many people around the world would begin to take interest in general aviation and sport flying.
1945 - 22 August
1960's and 1970's
Curtis completes and flies the first Pitts "Special" which he had planned to call "Jeep" until he heard of the Art Chester Racer with that name. 
20 minute flight. 
Log comment "What a Day!"
Curtis designs and develops a series of single and two seat aerobatic biplanes eventually certifying versions of both.
1970 - 1989
After seeing the new control system designs on aircraft such as the SU-26, Curtis starts to collect ideas for a possible new design utilizing some of this technology.  
Several people witness Curtis as he measures an SU-26 aileron during a world contest.
Curtis and a group of friends form a new company, Aero Design Eleven, and he designs the Model 11-260, a single seat Lycoming powered aerobatic biplane incorporating all that is has learned to date including his "Aerodynamically Boosted Ailerons."  Construction of the model 11 begins.
1993 - January
In August of this year, Hurricane Andrew practically clears off all signs of civilization in South Florida including Homestead, the home of Curtis Pitts and Pitts Aviation Enterprises. 
Recovery take years.
In January of this year, Curtis completes the first 3 view drawing of a new design, the Model 12.
The prototype model 11 is completed by Curtis Pitts, Pat Ledford, Don Lovern, Bill Lancaster and Will Teft. 
The new airplane is dubbed "Super Stinker" in the tradition of many of the prototype designs Curtis created through the years.
In December of this year, the Pitts Model 12 is presented to a large group of Curtis' friends during his 80th Birthday party. 
At that time, the airplane had a nickname of "Bolshoi" in keeping with the Russian engine. 
With Curtis' permission, the Kimballs have already started building parts for their own model 12.
The now complete Pitts Model 12 is test flown in March and earns the nickname "Macho Stinker" again as part of the long line of Pitts prototypes.  The name "Bolshoi" is no longer used. 
Professional pilot, airshow performer, and all around good guy Ben Morphew performs all acro test flights in the model 12 and decides he wants one and contacts the Kimballs to see if they will provide some of the components.
The Kimballs show their as yet unfinished Pitts Model 12 at Sun N Fun. 
The airplane attracts a huge amount of attention and it is clear the airplane will be popular.  N80XP, the prototype Model 12 is sold to a buyer in Washington State. 
Development and sales of model 12 kit parts begins.
2000 to present ...
N69BM Serial #003 flies in February after being built by Ben Morphew. 
N360KJ Serial #002 flies after completion by the Kimballs.
Customers continue to build and complete Pitts Model 12 aircraft all over the world.